E-mall Twitter

E-mall Twitter

Show your latest tweets on your Magento website using our ExtensionsMall Twitter extension. You can customize the extensions look and colors and the extension placement directly from Magento administration. 

Price: FREE
Magento Enterprise Edition: FREE


With our ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension you can:

  • Version 2.0 with all new features
  • New Twitter API fully supported (Username and Widget ID required)
  • Easy setup and integration on your Magento website
  • Advanced frontend customization options
  • Support all Twitter API features


  • Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • This software is Open Source and has no special loader requirements.


Frontend Screenshots

  • ExtensionsMall Twitter
  • ExtensionsMall Twitter
  • ExtensionsMall Twitter