Color Swatch for Magento with Zoom

Color Swatch & Zoom

With Magento Color Swatch with Zoom you can enable/disable zoom from admin pages as well as customize the look and feel of products in your on-line magento store. No additional scripts or plugins are needed. This extension works with all versions of Magento and it comprises the functionalities of Color Swatch and Zoom for Magento extensions.

Price: $79
Magento Enterprise Edition: $199


Combined effectiveness of Color Swatch and Zoom extensions gives an extension with multiple functionalities. Firstly, you get all the features of the Color Swatch extension of which the most important are– simplicity of installation, compatibility with all versions of Magento, the ability to show product attribute options as swatches on configurable products regardless of the type of the attribute (color, size, manufacturer, etc.), changing of product images and prices, the possibility of application to multiple attributes of a single product with the possibility of uploading different swatch images for each of those attribute options.

Also, you get the following zoom features – ability to show the zoom on all of your products, three different types of zoom, enhancement of magento more view images functionality with zoom, switching between multiple product images via enhanced more view functionality as well as the possibility of changing zoom features from the administration section.



  • easy installation and integration
  • shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products
  • changes the product images and prices as well as the more views images depending on the swatch selection
  • gives you the option to upload different swatch images for your attribute options
  • can be applied to multiple attributes of a single product
  • swatch image size configurable via magento administration
  • can be used together with magento's default drop down boxes on configurable product
  • shows the pop up box on swatch hover, with additional details of the swatch selection
  • shows the zoom on all your products
  • gives you three different types of zoom to choose from
  • set up the size of the main product image in administration
  • enhances the magento more view images functionality with zoom
  • switch between multiple product images via enhanced more view functionality
  • set up more view thumbnail size in administration
  • set up zoom box size and position in administration
  • set up zoom ratio in administration
  • set up various zoom effects in administration
  • 99% Open Source


  • Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • Configuration required by the Color Swatch extension is the same as standard configuration of configurable products in Magento.
  • This software requires ionCube loader to be installed. Concerned about ionCube? Read this!

- Our extensions are 99% OPEN SOURCE so that you can customize extensions in any way. There is ONLY one file using ionCube - file for licensing. We must protect our extensions somehow.

- Other companies might have 100% open source extensions. However, to protect their software, they use separate extension that you need to install. This extension is used to connect to their servers to check for license, once or every time you login to administration. Further more, they send advertising in the Magento back end, which we belive might be very annoying sometimes!

- Since we use ONLY one small file with ionCube, there is NO PERFORMANCE ISSUE. Your pages will load at the same speed as without ionCube.

- Every hosting company have ionCube installed by default, so you wont have issues on live site.

Our Color Swatch & Zoom extension for Magento is also available on Magento Connect. Please be sure to take a look at the reviews for our Color Swatch & Zoom extension on Magento Connect and see what our Customers had to say about our extensions for Magento.


Frontend Screenshots

  • Product Details Page - Color Options
  • Product Details Page - Color and Size Options
  • Product Details Page - Size Options
  • Product Details Page - Swatch and Zoom

Admin Screenshots

  • Magento Admin - Color Swatch - General
  • Magento Admin - Color Swatch - Popup
  • Magento Admin - SMDZoom - General
  • Magento Admin - Catalog - SMDColorSwatch
  • Magento Admin - Product Edit - ColorSwatch Tab


  • "Great support. Works like a charm. 
    I bought this plugin twice and will buy it again. 
    Thanks to Sasha & the supporting crew for very quick & superb support."

  • "Great Extension, Good support team. Fast response with solution. Really impressed with the support and the quality, highly recommend this extension - 10/10."

  • "Extension works perfectly as described. I had a few install issues of my own making, such as having the cache and compilation on during install. Also needed to enable the zoom feature for Simple Products. SMD support was quick and detailed and sorted me out immediately. 
    I would definitely use their extensions on future sites."

  • "We installed this extension for a client doing a custom template build. We've had experience using nearly every color swatch extension for Magento on the market, and this one is by far the most flexible, easiest to use, and has the best set of functionality available. 
    On top of that, the support provided by the ColorSwatch guys is really top notch. We ran into one custom request (to disable the zoom from the product list) which they provided us the code to do free of charge, and one bug (a swatch rendering issue in IE9) which they repaired free of charge. Responses to inquiries were immediate and their solutions were always dead on. 
    There is a smart, responsible bunch of folks behind this extension. Better than almost any I've found in the Magento landscape. I will be pointing all of my clients to SMDesign extensions in the future. Thanks for such a great experience!"

  • "We have bought color swatch with zoom a half year ago. Worked perfectly. 2 weeks ago we bought the upgrade with productlist. The installation was no problem. But we had some problems getting it the way we wantend. The service was perfect. Within a couple of hours we got response and problem fixes . We really got the plugin customized for our site with the help of the support department. I can really recommend it!"

  • "I purchased Color Swatch about two weeks ago. When i originally installed it there was an issue with compatibility with my magento custom theme. I emailed SMDesign and the same day they had their software engineer's modifying the code to work properly with my custom theme. I have purchased many Magento, Joomla, and Wordpress extensions in the past. But i have never received the level of Support and Customer Service that i received from SMDesign. Their support was exceptional. Withing 48 hours they had modified the code entirely to function properly and now the Swatch works like a dream. I would recommend this company any time and to anyone. My experience was the best i have had purchasing software yet. Thank You SMDesign. This is not a spam message and i have not been paid. You can see that actual color swatch on the bar stools at!!!"

  • "Great fast support, perfect extension! thay customize some features for me FREE. Good Work!"



  • Tutorial Document for SMDesign ColorSwatch Extension for Magento
  • Tutorial Document for SMDesign ColorSwatch Extension for Magento

Examples of Color Swatch with Zoom Extension on Magento Demo Products

  • ColorSwatch with Zoom Extension - Example Product with 100 Swatches
  • ColorSwatch with Zoom Extension - Example Product with Color and Size Swatches
  • ColorSwatch with Zoom Extension - Example Product with Color Swatches
  • ColorSwatch with Zoom Extension - Example Product with SizeSwatches

(click on the thumbnails to see the examples of our zoom script on magento demo products)