Advanced Search Suggests

Advanced Search Suggests will visually enhance Magento default search form and upgrade functionality with AJAX based search and suggest content delivery feature. Show suggested terms and help your customers in search through your store. Show suggested products including product image, title, description and other attributes. Allow your customers to buy products directly from search bar and increase your store conversion rate.

Price: $39
Magento Enterprise Edition: $99


Advanced Search Suggests extension will upgrade Magento default search form with AJAX delivered content according to searched terms. Suggested Terms section will offer similar search terms with real time highlight feature that makes search easier and more precise, increasing number of successful searches.

Suggest Products section will offer suggested product with selected product information’s (title, description, image, and price) with option to buy product directly from search form. This will allow customers to preview suggested products without leaving current page. Ordering products from search bar is available for all products that don’t require additional selection, for such attributes instead ‘Add to cart’ button link to product details page will be displayed.

Advanced Search Suggests is easy to install and integrate in most of currently popular themes. Administration settings offer lot of layout and style options, while all additional modifications can be done directly in files. Extension comes with open source files, allowing easy customization of template layout or CSS styles.


  • visually enhance Magento default search form
  • AJAX based content delivery without leaving or refreshing page (with built in loading animation)
  • offers suggested terms, making search of site easier
  • show product details such are product image, description, price (additional info can be added easily)
  • direct link to product details page
  • allows customers to buy directly from search form
  • advanced administration options allow you to fine tune frontend style
  • easy theme integration and compatibility with popular themes
  • Increased conversion rate  with 'quick buy' button
  • 99% Open Source


  • Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • Available on all Magento Products / Product Types
  • This software requires ionCube loader to be installed. Concerned about ionCube? Read this!

- Our extensions are 99% OPEN SOURCE so that you can customize extensions in any way. There is ONLY one file using ionCube - file for licensing. We must protect our extensions somehow.

- Other companies might have 100% open source extensions. However, to protect their software, they use separate extension that you need to install. This extension is used to connect to their servers to check for license, once or every time you login to administration. Further more, they send advertising in the Magento back end, which we belive might be very annoying sometimes!

- Since we use ONLY one small file with ionCube, there is NO PERFORMANCE ISSUE. Your pages will load at the same speed as without ionCube.

- Every hosting company have ionCube installed by default, so you wont have issues on live site.

Our Advanced Search Suggests Magento Extension is also available on Magento Connect. Please be sure to take a look at the reviews for our Advanced Search Suggests extension on Magento Connect and see what our Customers had to say about our Magento Extensions.


Frontend Screenshots

  • Advanced Search Suggests frontend
  • Advanced Search Suggests frontend 2
  • Advanced Search Suggests frontend 3

Admin Screenshots

  • Advanced Search Suggests settings
  • Advanced Search Suggests settings 2


  • Advanced Search Suggest Online Tutorial
  • Advanced Search Suggest Online Tutorial PDF